ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD Review and Specs

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD Review and Specs. Don’t be tricked by the unassuming aesthetics of ViewSonic’s gaming monitors; these panels are built for core gamers. Take the ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD, a gorgeous 32-inch, 2560 x 1440 screen with slim bezels, vibrant colors and AMD FreeSync support for extra-smooth performance. If you can deal with the lack of height, swivel and pivot adjustments, the VX3211-2K-MHD is one of the best 1440p gaming monitors you can get for the price.

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD Review and Specs

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD Performance

With a rich 24-inch, 2560 x 1440 screen and up to a 75-Hz refresh rate, ViewSonic’s monitor is as vibrant as they come, smooth and generally a joy to watch movies and play games on. Your time with Grand Theft Auto V will show the value of having a 1440p monitor, as you could see in vivid detail everything from the stitching of your character’s ski mast to the footprints you leave on the snowy street.

More importantly, the game plays very smoothly on this monitor. You don’t feel any hint of input lag when firing an assault rifle during a climactic shootout. Also, it does a great job showcasing the colorful crowds in Heroes of the Storm, a hectic multiplayer arena game. The decent gaming character in this monitor is aided by the fairly great 3ms reaction time, 250 cd/m2 peak brightness and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Sure, that’s not the highest feature set you can get in a gaming monitor, we have seen high-specced gaming monitors like the Asus ROG Strix XG35VQ with a sweet curve, 1ms reaction time and high 144Hz refresh rate, but it costs slightly more. Still, for starters and consumers looking for an entertainment monitor, the VX3211-2K-MHD is still a great choice.

The ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD supports AMD FreeSync, a feature that delivers smoother performance by syncing your display directly to your AMD graphics card. While the benefits of FreeSync aren’t always obvious, the feature does eliminate minor screen tears that you run into when playing modern AAA games.

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD Design

The curved IPS screen isn’t boring. It’s an eye-catching 32-inch, 16:9 screen that fails to be anything but aesthetically pleasing. For the price, it’s an accessibly-priced gaming monitor offering some decent specs on a WQHD 1440p display, so it will definitely appeal to a vast range of enthusiast players and PC users. In terms of aesthetics, it’ll melt into a gaming or office setup seamlessly, but for those looking for a bit of pizazz or character in their ideal monitor like what you have in the Alienware AW3420DW, this is not a flashy panel.

Setup is rather easy; it has two screws that complete the stand’s build and another to attach it to the monitor. And at 15.5 pounds, combined with the wide, splayed-feet style stand, it makes for a solid and stable monitor. It’s a practical design that puts function first, and the monitor is VESA compliant in case you need to hang it on a wall.

Connectivity options are scarce, but acceptable for a monitor at this price point. You get a single HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and Audio (In/Out), but it doesn’t get any USB port. There are two onboard speakers, but they are nothing to write about, and should only be used if you’re in dire straits.

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD Review and Specs

Bottom Line

The ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD should be at the very top of your list if you’re looking for a 2560 x 1440 monitor and shopping on a tight budget. For the reasonable price, you’re getting a responsive and sharp 1440p display complete with a sturdy stand and AMD FreeSync support. It’s not easy to find 32-inch monitors at this resolution, which makes the 32-inch ViewSonic all that sweeter.

Those seeking better features on a bigger screen can check out the new Alienware AW3420DW, that features a WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution, Nvidia G-Sync support, and 120Hz refresh rate excellent display brightness for all your modern titles– but it costs slightly more. Overall, if you want good gaming performance and immersive entertainment on a 1440p display, you can’t go wrong with the ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD.


The ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD is a prime-pick for a first gaming monitor, packing a superb 1440p resolution, great color accuracy, support for AMD FreeSync and a host color spaces for gamers and those seeking an entertainment display.


  • Great price for curved gaming monitor
  • Decent resolution
  • Good depth in settings and option


  • Lacks a USB port
  • No HDR support
  • Short feedback rates

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